Sup, David here.

I’m the dude behind Designers humor. This ain’t Buzzfeed baby, there is no team. Just lil ol me.

Since I set up the account back in 2020 things have kinda snowballed into one big rolling avalanche. My goal was and still is to make designers laugh. If I can add a lil laughter to your day then my job is complete.

I have since added a few design humour-related accounts – Design Fails & Dumb Shit Clients Say. My goal is to build one big ass network of meme accounts for designers…

Remember, the goal is to make you laugh. Think of what I’m building here like a Buzzfeed that is actually funny.

So why launch a website when you can share the memes on your Socials?

Well, that’s a great question I hear you scream and the simple answer is this…



The reason is that social networks cannot be trusted. Seriously. I’ve had my Designers Humor Facebook page killed [pours a forty] with no reason and no way of finding out. Woke up and it was gone.

All my content, followers, and years of hustle are gone…wiped out at the click of Thanos Zuckerberg’s fingers…

So that is why I set this website up. I wanted a home for ALL of my design memes, a place where nobody could delete them. There are no algorithms here, no gatekeepers. This is the anti-network. Nobody can touch me here baby.

So, sit back, crack open a cold one or a hot one and enjoy the memes.

It’s been a hell of a ride these past few years and I’m looking forward to the next few.

p.s I would love for you to sign up and drop some comments. I always get a kick reading them.